Hey everyone!

Posted on June 1st, 2013

goof ball

Happy weekend from the goof ball and me!

Have fun!


In and out of stores

Posted on May 27th, 2013

I’ve been going in and out of stores for the past two days. I went to get some stuff for the pantry and then I went again to get a spring plunger that my brother needed. I went back to get some more stuff for the kitchen. And another trip for cleaning supplies.

I should be tired and cranky by now but as I am very fond of supermarkets, I found myself enjoying the several trips to the stores.

I am, in fact, looking forward to doing more trips this coming week. Yay!

Am I weird or what?


Better, stronger

Posted on May 24th, 2013


There’s a lot of things going in my friend’s life right now. When I talked to her, she is obviously torn on the inside. Depressed and worried. I know that she just needs some time away from it all. She’s one tough woman! She went through a lot in life already but the last blow was a big one. If I only have more than enough funds, I would have given her a vacation. That would truly cheer her up, even a bit. It will also divert her attention from the many worries swimming in her head.

This friend of mine is like a sister to me already. I just hate it when she’s troubled because she deserves happiness more than anybody else. I am praying that she gets over this latest hurdle in her life and will emerge a better, stronger woman.

After a fall…

Posted on May 21st, 2013

You know what? He was able to make it through! He was able to bounce back and make a good life for himself. He is more focused nowadays. He now has a goal. He has two jobs: a nine to five one helping customers of companies who have complains about the products they bought, and another one as a music teacher. He is currently teaching a bunch of kids about traktor s4 and how it can be used to create unique sounds.

Life has become so much better for him.

And I can’t be happier for my friend! I am praying he will continue living a good life and that very soon he will find the woman who will love him for the rest of his life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted on May 12th, 2013


I may not have my biological mother with me anymore but I am grateful I still have a number of mother figures around me. Thank you, Lord, for them!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, mothers-to-be, and acting moms out there!

May your tribe increase.


A new journey ahead.

Posted on May 10th, 2013

road less traveled

I am genuinely happy. I want the world to know that our family is facing a new journey ahead. A few more weeks and there will be two new additions to the family. I am excited!


This new journey will surely have difficulties but I know that with the help of love ones we will be able to overcome it. Everything will be fine as long as we put God in the center of our lives and a generous amount of understanding and love will be made available for all.

Am I making sense?


I am just happy and hopeful.

photo via: weheartit

A new adventure

Posted on May 7th, 2013

When it comes to living life to the fullest, Angie is the one you can count on. She knows where to find one adventure after another. She has tried almost everything she can try and is always on the lookout for a new adventure. Right now, she is poised to buy ski pants for her new “partner in crime”. Angie now has a boyfriend who is just as adventurous as she is. They are going skiing and planning it so that they can include other adventures in between.

She doesn’t rest easy if there is no definite plan for the next adventure she will embark on. Now, she has skiing in sight. But where will the next adventure be? She is hoping for a trek up a mountain. She’s done it before but she feels like doing it again.

Wonderful Monday morning!

Posted on April 29th, 2013

I’m still claiming that…


April is almost done and the fifth month of the year is about to start. So far, so good. The past four months could be better, I know, but I am satisfied with its outcome. The ups and downs will always be there, I realized, so I won’t dwell on it too much anymore.

I am very much positive that…


I still believe that everything in our lives is a matter of choice. There is always an option open to us. It can be a painful one, it can be good, it can be beneficial, it can throw us back to where we came from. Still, there’s an option we can choose.

I’m still dreaming of that place where I can find the peace and quiet I am looking for.


It will take time, I know now and have accepted it. But soon, I will be able to set foot on that place. Soon.

And you know what? I will be happy every single day!


Because I am choosing to be one.

Have a wonderful week filled with blessings people!


Support of the family is very important.

Posted on April 28th, 2013

One of the things I love about my dad’s side of the family is that when there is an emergency you can expect them to be there to help out as well as offer support. We already experienced that with everything that happened to my immediate family in the past. My brother diagnosed with leukemia, rushed to the hospital several times, suffered a worse seizure that caused his left eye to go blind, and then passing away after just 6 months. They were there every single time! Almost all my dad’s siblings and some older cousins were even there in the hospital at past midnight accompanying us during the seizures that my brother suffered from. They never left us.

The same thing happened during my mom’s last year. They were there visiting, offering moral support, helping out in the little things (that mattered to us so much!) and even risking their lives fetching my grandfather from the province just so he could see my mom still alive. For that alone I will always be indebted to them.

My Tita Wilma and her husband were the designated tagasundo at tagahatid. She also was the designated person for clothes of my brother and my mom as well as for us to wear during the burial. We didn’t have to ask her, she already volunteered to do it. We were so thankful for that kind of help because when you are in that kind of situation, grieving and all that, that’s the farthest thing from your mind. We didn’t hear any complaints from Tito Eddie, her husband, for all the driving back and forth that he did.

My Tita Windy and Tito Lito, Tita Winnie as well as Tito Wilson, Tita Rosing, Tito Walet, Tito Walter and Tito Warner were also a big help to us. They were the source of our strength during those times we were beside ourselves with grief. Tita Mates, Tito Walter’s wife, was the one who really dedicated herself to helping us with all the cooking, cleaning, and marketing. Tito Wilson is a fixture in all the important events in my family’s life because of all my dad’s siblings, they’re the closest.

And now that Tito Wilson suffered two heart strokes in a span of few days, we are in full support mode. We rushed him to the hospital last night. We were there and didn’t leave until all the necessary tests were done. My dad and his siblings will be going back there tonight.

In times of emergencies and crises in our lives the support of the family is very important. The mere presence of those important to us can give us a boost. It can drive away the fear and the uncertainty of the present. And I am very happy that in my dad’s side of the family, even with all the disagreements and constant bickering common in very large families, we are still united at the time it’s most needed!


Online presence felt.

Posted on April 23rd, 2013

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