Summer is here!!!

Posted on March 15th, 2013. Filed under: My Family.


And that means beach, sand, family vacations, and close to three months of fun for the students!

I am already thinking of how we will spend our summer vacation. My two sisters are teachers so they, along with the little girl, are on a summer break. They will be back in school by May and the little girl on June.

I remember back when we were younger, my siblings and I would get excited for school break but we would often spend our summer at home. It would cost a lot for us to go on vacations so back then my mom would just let us play all we want at the grandma’s house.

We’ve been catching up on all those summers we were stuck at home. For the past several years now that my siblings and I are already working, we really make it a point to go somewhere on summer vacation.

What are your summer vacation plans?


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